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Welcome to the Journal of Experimental Fiction

A Letter From The Publisher

The Journal of Experimental Fiction was founded in 1986 by novelist Eckhard Gerdes in order to gain wider attention for the incredible innovative fiction writing being done at that time.  JEF has been proud to be able to introduce the reading public to many fresh, original voices in the world of literature, and it continues its ongoing quest to find and introduce such material. JEF also acknowledges the great voices of innovative writing of years past and publishes essays about those voices of innovation. We publish a general fiction issue bi-annually, or thereabouts, as well as introducing new novels to the reading public, novels that most likely would find themselves locked out by the larger presses, who have no time for or interest in innovation anymore and only care about their bottom lines.

Our most recent anthology, Offbeat/Quirky, was recently released March 30, 2017.  This anthology inaugurates our new imprint, Offbeat/Quirky Books.   Depending on the response to the anthology, we may elect to do another very soon.  Please check back for updates here or on our forthcoming website at offbeatquirky.com. You can email us at egerdes@experimentalfiction.com.

Although our reading period for our series of novels is normally from May 1 to August 31 each year, we are at present committed to a full list of book manuscripts through 2017 and will only be considering new book-length work through the Kenneth Patchen Award competition.  Please check that page for submission details.  But soon we will be open for submissions to both JEF Books and to Offbeat/Quirky Books, so check back!

Thank you for all your support of our publications!

Best wishes,

Eckhard Gerdes
Editor and Publisher