The Makings of a Nobody: A Fictmoir

The Makings of a Nobody: A Fictmoir

Novel by Ann Z. Leventhal

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Winner of the 2022 Kenneth Patchen Award for the Innovative Novel

JEF Books assistant editor Penelope Gerdes said the following in her encomium for the novel:

“When I sat to read The Makings of a Nobody: A Fictmoir, I wasn't certain what exactly I was looking for. Innovative work can quite often follow similar trends; oddly enough, they can be grouped in similarities by exactly how they innovate. Yet this work is inexhaustible. To understand its complexities, to see how well the writer understands the craft, how brilliantly she builds this space of language and structure, requires not just a dip but a dive, a delve. For one cannot reach the bottom. There is innovation from the first sentence to the last.”

About the Author

Ann Z. Leventhal, aka annzy leventhal, has written two novels, many poems, essays, and reviews, one play, advertising copy, plus speeches and press releases for a political candidate. Leventhal brings personality and gumption to the writing world and her readers. Never shy, her unique sense of humor is evident throughout her work and life.

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