"The Greatest Place on Earth": Personal Note: A Work of Absurdity? - Novel by Jeff Weisman - The Journal of Experimental Fiction

"The Greatest Place on Earth": Personal Note: A Work of Absurdity?

Novel by Jeff Weisman

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Asked to lead an investigation by the Bureau into the inexplicable behavior of a town that has seemingly gone insane, a highly regarded psychology professor encounters absurdist leaders, madcap citizens, figures of questionable authenticity, and a plethora of outrageous denizens all spewing impossible statements and making fantastical accusations within an indecipherable logic before being put on trial for crimes that are blatantly opaque. The question remains: Was this what it felt like to live in America during the first two years of the Trump Administration? Stylistic invention, direct citations, wild play, outlandish humor, compassion, random dispatches, historical photographs, faux documents, and a variety of other approaches to convey the larger metaphor—welcome to "The Greatest Place on Earth!"


About the Author

Jeff Weisman grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, went to college in the middle of America, went to graduate school in Boulder, Colorado, traveled throughout Europe for a while in his twenties, moved to Portland, Oregon, for several years, and now lives and teaches English in Elgin, Illinois. He writes daily (some of his works include An Ordinary Life, An Anarchist's Guide to Running for Political Office, Blood Wrath Row, The Puzzle of Joshua Dover, The Tuck Murders, The Belief Equation, King Herald IV, A Disposable Nation, and The Milford Falls Caper), and he's very happy that you're reading this.

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