The Literary Terrorism of Harold Jaffe - Anthology by Eckhard Gerdes - The Journal of Experimental Fiction

The Literary Terrorism of Harold Jaffe

Anthology by Eckhard Gerdes

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Harold Jaffe's acts of literary terrorism work to wrestle control of the future of literature away from the dominant culture. This book celebrates that effort. Jaffe is an acute observer of the painful conditions under which we are forced to live on a daily basis. And like any harbinger of ill, he is sometimes mistaken for its creator. But he is not. He is clearing out space that has been polluted for too long. His acts of literary terrorism are acts that reclaim literature and art fiction from its cooption by fast-food-wielding advocates of disposability: what has been disposed by the dominant political culture has too often been literary artists. Those who have benefited have seldom been literary artists. Jaffe has worked brilliantly to save literature from its unwitting complicity in the elimination of readers who dare question authority. The writing in this volume, whether by Jaffe, his former students and colleagues, or works inspired by his lead, helps blast us out of our complacency and reclaim space we should never have relinquished. Innovation and renovation are inextricably linked.



About Harold Jaffe


Harold Jaffe is the author of 24 volumes of fiction, docufiction, and non-fiction, including Goosestep (JEF Books, 2016), Revolutionary Brain; Othello Blues (JEF Books, 2014); Paris 60 (JEF Books, 2013); OD: Docufictions (JEF Books, 2012); Induced Coma; Anti-Twitter: 150 50-Word Stories; Jesus Coyote; 15 Serial Killers; Beyond the Techno-Cave: A Guerrilla's Guide to Post-Millennial Culture; Terror-dot-Gov; Straight Razor; Sex for the Millennium; Eros Anti-Eros (City Lights Publishers, 1990); False Positive; Beasts; Mourning Crazy Horse; Madonna & Other Spectacles; and Dos Indios. Jaffe's writing has been translated widely, most recently in Romania, Turkey, France, Japan, Italy, and Cuba. Jaffe is editor-in-chief of Fiction International.



About the Editor


Eckhard Gerdes is a widely published, award-winning novelist, poet and playwright whose work has been extensively anthologized and recognized. He lives in the Chicago area, where he teaches, edits the Journal of Experimental Fiction, and functions as publisher and editor of JEF Books, a press devoted to the best innovative fiction in the English language. JEF Books sponsors the annual Kenneth Patchen Award for the Innovative Novel.

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