MOFA: The Museum of Fungible Art

Art and Literary Work by Norman Conquest

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A collection of verbo-visual gems by “...a literary and visual art prankster“ and author of Smells Like Teen Pataphysics. Includes an excerpt from his hilarious parody of Akbar del Piombo’s classic Fuzz against Junk.

Book Review: MOFA: THE MUSEUM OF FUNGIBLE ART by Norman Conquest. JEF Books.

Rating: *****

In MOFA: THE MUSEUM OF FUNGIBLE ART, Norman Conquest presents readers with a delightful and eclectic collection of verbo-visual works that blur the boundaries between literature and visual art. Conquest, known as a literary and visual art prankster, showcases his creative genius in this captivating compilation, leaving readers both entertained and intellectually stimulated.

One of the highlights is Conquest's parody of Akbar del Piombo's classic Fuzz Against Junk, which is included as an excerpt. With his signature wit and humor, Conquest turns this avant-garde collage novel on its head, offering readers a hilarious and titillating take on the original ("Fuzz Against Smut"). This parody alone is worth the price of the book, demonstrating Conquest's keen observational skills and his ability to cleverly deconstruct and reconstruct existing satirical works.

Throughout MOFA, Conquest also presents twisted takes on the comic strip "Nancy," incorporating wordplay and surrealistic elements. These reinterpretations of a beloved comic strip add an extra layer of absurdity and playfulness to the collection, showcasing Conquest's knack for subverting expectations and challenging conventional artistic norms.

The inclusion of "Surrealist Shadow Puppets," sound poems, and artful absurdist images further enriches the reading experience. Conquest's ability to seamlessly blend various artistic mediums is impressive, and his creations in these formats are thought-provoking and visually striking. Each piece invites readers to engage with the artwork in a unique way, allowing for individual interpretation and discovery.

One aspect that stands out in this imaginary absurdist museum is Conquest's mastery of language and visual manipulation. His verbo-visual works are a testament to his linguistic playfulness and his talent for creating visually captivating compositions. Whether it's through clever puns and wordplay, inventive typographic arrangements, or unexpected juxtapositions, Conquest consistently surprises and delights readers with his imaginative approach to visual storytelling.

While MOFA is undoubtedly a book that demands the reader's participation and a willingness to embrace the unconventional, it rewards those who are open to its whimsical charm. Conquest's irreverent spirit shines through every page, making this collection a delightful journey into the realms of art and literature.

This is a must-have for anyone who appreciates creative experimentation and artistic subversion.

                     —Arthur I. Chatterton

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