Experimental Literature: A Collection of Statements - Art and Literary Work by Jeffrey Di Leo - The Journal of Experimental Fiction

Experimental Literature: A Collection of Statements

Art and Literary Work by Jeffrey Di Leo

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In Experimental Literature: A Collection of Statements, thirty-four writers and critics reflect upon how literature puts itself to the test in an effort to make itself new. Those reflections assume very different shapes, and each approaches the question from a different angle. There are formalist readings here, and historicist readings; some contributors consider the politics of literature, others focus upon aesthetics; some statements deal with national traditions or periods, others are more synchronist. There are pieces on French theater, the Russian avant-garde, and performance in West Africa. There are meditations on poetry as a daily practice, on experiment as a way of knowing, on the restlessness of liminal spaces, and on the incommensurate dimensions of dream and reality. Each contribution is fueled by the notion that literature works best when it is willing to interrogate its own premises. Both individually and collectively, these analyses display an extraordinary mobility, one that does justice to the dynamism of experimental literature itself. Each essay engages its readers actively and thoughtfully, inviting us to participate in a conversation about literature's horizon of possibility, about what literature is and can be. Robert Coover, arguably the most distinguished living American experimentalist, contributes an afterword to this volume.

About the Author

Jeffrey R. Di Leo is the editor and publisher of the American Book Review, as well as the founding editor of the journal symplokē , which was awarded the Phoenix Award for Significant Editorial Achievement (2000) and Best Special Issue Award (2012) by The Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ).

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