Overstock Sale!

Overstock Sale!
We have received news that our printing costs are being raised at the end of June. So, to combat that, we are putting ten overstock titles on sale at a 50% discount until then, and that discount is off the old price! The items that are on sale are

Blues for Youse by Eckhard Gerdes
Blues for Youse CD by Eckhard Gerdes and Friends
Case X  by James R. Hugunin
The Darkness Starts Up Where You Stand by Arthur Winfield Knight
Finding Mememo: A Book in Search of an Author by James R. Hugunin
John Barth, Bearded Bards & Splitting Hairs edited by Eckhard Gerdes
Picky Hunting: A Journal of the Plague Year by James R. Hugunin
Porn-Anti-Porn by Harold Jaffe
Ring in a River by Eckhard Gerdes
Scuff Mud CD by Eckhard Gerdes and Shelf Life

Descriptions of these items can be found by following the links above.

The discount code to enter at check out is Q8AV45XAG10K. Here is a link to the sale:
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