Prism and Graded Monotony - Novel by Dominic Ward - The Journal of Experimental Fiction

Prism and Graded Monotony

Novel by Dominic Ward

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Prism and Graded Monotony is rope for your neck, singular, a plurality of threads. Death and survival are the sum; myriad are the weird parts that compose it. Black Death, accident-framed death, death as commonplace, death in the cycle of life, survival against death, survival through death -- these modes are all identified within the study of life that is Prism and Graded Monotony. It is an existential philosophy, a companion piece to the violent commentary of Nietzsche.

About the Author

Dominic Ward is the author of Prism and Graded Monotony (2013), which is now in its 3rd edition, and The Hunter (2015) both published by the Journal of Experimental Fiction. He lives with his wife and four children in Esk, Australia.

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