Sore Eel Cheese

A box of coasters created by the artist members of the Flakxus Group.  Limited Edition of 25.


A box of coasters created by the artist members of the Flakxus Group.  Limited Edition of 25.

The Flakxus Manifesto

Once more unto the cheese, dear friends, once more…
Wherefore and unto which we, the undersigned parties
of the first part, whether by the left side of our heads or the right,
our heads being collectively referred to for the purposes of our
collaborative efforts as “The Flakxus Group,” for reasons too obvious to
obfuscate, do herewith declare our existence and whatever else it is we intend
to declare, albeit without unnecessarily drawing the attentions of any customs
officials who might not enjoy a good piece of art, or of cheese, for that matter,
every now and then. And herefore, forthwith, we, the undersigned, underpaid, over-
worked, and under-tabled—we, the decidedly undecided, hereby declare henceforth
A. We will sell no cheese before its time. B. We will eat cheese boxes by the hundreds.
C. We will contribute rejects and rejects will be accepted. D. We will be well-aged.
E. Crackers optional. F. Never ponder to Brie or not to Brie. G. We serve
ready-to-eat sore eel with honor. H. We stomp, spew, smash, bash, dance & chant.
I. All cheeses are created equal! J. But Parmesan shall forever reign.
K. We will not covet false cheeses such as Velveeta, Kraft Singles or Cheesy Mac Mixes
of any Sort. Nor will we worship them. L. We promise to spread the joy of cheese
throughout our nations. But also the measure to enjoy in moderation. Not because
of any shortage or gluttony. Just that it will leave the more for you and me.
M. We pledge to honor fromageres, at home and abroad, in the name of cheese,
us. For as the prophet Monty Python telleth us: Blessed are the cheese makers.
N. We shall drink to that! O save a cow, cut the cheese!

–Norman Conquest, Farewell Debut, Eckhard Gerdes,
Rick Krieger, Terri Lloyd, Jønathan Lyons,
Harry McCullagh, Brion Poloncic, Jason E. Rolfe,
Dominic Ward, Carla M. Wilson


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