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New book! New bonus book added to the deal!

JEF is delighted to announce the publication of our newest, beautiful full-cloth hardcover title, Experimental Literature: A Collection of Statements edited by Jeffrey R Di Leo and Warren Motte! In Experimental Literature: A Collection of Statements thirty-four writers and critics reflect upon how literature puts itself to the test in an effort to make itself new. Those reflections assume very different shapes, and each approaches the question from a different angle. There are formalist readings here, and historicist readings; some contributors consider the politics of literature, others focus upon aesthetics; some statements deal with national traditions or periods, others are more synchronist. There are pieces on French theater, the Russian avant-garde, and performance in West Africa. There are meditations on poetry as a daily practice, on experiment as a way of knowing, on the restlessness of liminal spaces, and on the incommensurate dimensions of dream and reality. Each contribution is fueled by the notion that literature works best when it is willing to interrogate its own premises. Both individually and collectively, these analyses display an extraordinary mobility, one that does justice to the dynamism of experimental literature itself. Each essay engages its readers actively and thoughtfully, inviting us to participate in a conversation about literature’s horizon of possibility, about what literature is and can be. Robert Coover, arguably the most distinguished living American experimentalist, contributes an afterword to this volume.

And for a very limited time, when you purchase the new JEF title, you get a very rare bonus! We finally finished our move from our facility in Menifee, California, and much to our delight, when we looked at what we had, we discovered an entire box of one of our first titles, Arthur Winfield Knight’s The Darkness Starts Up Where You Stand, the third Depth Charge publication ever, only printed in a limited run of 200 copies. We will include a copy of this rare early JEF/Depth Charge book to anyone who orders a copy of the new Experimental Literature: A Collection of Statements title. You can see how JEF has grown firsthand, and you will be one of the very few to own this rare JEF title, long unavailable.

As usual, if you have any questions about our titles, please contact Eckhard at We’ve been told he’s a vampire and keeps long hours, so you should hear back from him pretty soon, perhaps during the gloaming!

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The 2019 Kenneth Patchen Award competition deadline is approaching!

Deadline: July 31, 2018

Entry Fee: $25

E-mail address:

A prize of $1,000 and book publication by Journal of Experimental Fiction and JEF Books is given annually for an innovative novel. Submit a manuscript of any length with a $25 entry fee by July 31. Novelist Jane L. Carman will serve as judge.

The submission can be of any length, but must be submitted in Word or PDF format. Manuscripts should be emailed or sent as CDs. The manuscript itself should not contain the author’s name or address, but a separate sheet should be submitted with the title of the submission and the author’s contact information.

Additionally, all entries need to include a four-digit identifying number of the author’s choosing. This number should appear in the subject line of the email, on the manuscript, and on the contact information form.

Payment can be sent by check to: Eckhard Gerdes Publishing, PO Box 6281, Aurora, IL 60598. Do not make checks out to Kenneth Patchen or to JEF Publishing.

Payment can also be made by Paypal to: If paying by Paypal, please use either the “Send Money to Friends and Family” option so that we actually receive the full $25 on our end, or, if you want to use the “Pay for Goods and Services Option,” please include an extra $2.00 to cover Paypal’s fees.

Thank you! We look forward to reading your manuscripts!

Eckhard Gerdes

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JEF Books proudly announces publication of Yuriy Tarnawsky’s “Literary Yoga”!

JEF Books proudly announces Yuriy Tarnawsky’s Literary Yoga!

Struggling with your iambs and pentameters? Characters and plots? Have you hit the concrete wall of a writer’s block? Or are you having the time of your life seeing your pen trace out graceful meanders of words on the blank pages before you or your fleet fingers make letters dutifully jump off the keyboard of your laptop onto the screen above it? Whichever is the case, you must try these 100 exercises the artist and educator in Yuriy Tarnawsky have conjured up for you. What the gentle stretching on the yoga mat does for your muscles and joints, these painful tasks will do for the writing talents inside you. You may return to them again, and again, and again.

About the Author

Yuriy Tarnawsky has authored some three dozen books of poetry, fiction, drama, essays, and translations in English and Ukrainian, including the novels Meningitis and Three Blondes and Death, the collections of short stories Short Tails and Crocodile Smiles, three collections of mininovels Like Blood in Water, The Future of Giraffes, and View of Delft comprising The Placebo Effect Trilogy, a collection of Heuristic poetry Modus Tollens, and the book of essays Claim to Oblivion. He was born in Ukraine but was raised and educated in the West. An engineer and linguist by training, he has worked as computer scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence at IBM Corporation and professor of Ukrainian literature and culture at Columbia University. He resides with his wife Karina in the New York City metropolitan area.