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JEF is alive and well! New books are coming soon!

Hi, everyone!

We are very sorry for the long time between announcements.  We had a difficult winter.  Our publisher, Eckhard Gerdes, was ill for several months with some mysterious malaise, and the judge of our Patchen Award competition, Jønathan Lyons, spent a long time in hospital, where he contracted c.diff, which led to a horror story that I won’t go into here because it could easily be made into a book about that incredible experience and all he has endured.  We are back, though, good as gold and ready to get going on the new publishing projects, of which we have many!

One of our most recent titles, Harold Jaffe’s brilliant collection Goosesteps, recently received a rave review in the American Book Review.  You can find information on the review at the Fiction International Facebook page, in an entry dated January 29.  Find it here.  American Book Review, long one of Eckhard’s personal favorites (he has a lifetime subscription!), can be found here.

In the months to come, we will be expanding the site a bit, and will be adding author pages to the site, so stay tuned for that.  Out authors will be able to post their events and forthcoming projects on them.

Our next two titles are in progress.  The amazing Yuriy Tarnawsky’s Literary Yoga, a collection of literary exercises that will delight both new and experienced writers of poetry, prose, and drama, will be out very soon.  The finishing touches are going into now.  And then, later, towards the fall, an anthology of essays on innovative literature, Experimental Literature:A Collection of Statements, edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo and Warren Motte, will be released, and this is a deusy.  But I’d wager this collection, which features contributions by some of the most innovative writers of our era, including Carol Maso, Robert Coover, Brian Evenson, Vanessa Place, Rikki Ducornet, Michael Martone, and Anne Waldman, to mention only a few of the almost three dozen great writers who contributed to this, will go farther than any Duesenberg ever.   Details on both books will be coming soon!

The forthcoming year will also bring the long-awated 2017 Patchen-award winner by Richard Strauss, as well as books by Jim Meirose, Ryan Madej, and Denis Emorine.  And also stay tuned for new novels by JEF favorites James R. Hugunin and Frederick Mark Kramer.  And more is in the works!  This should be a great year for JEF.

The eagerly awaited announcement of the 2018 Patchen Award winner will soon be announced as well.  We would have made the announcement sooner, but, given Jønathan’s challenges, especially, I hope you can forgive the delay.  Eckhard felt changes judges midstream, so to speak, was unfair to all, so we waited for Jønathan (and Eckhard) to recover.

As always, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or comments.  Eckhard can be reached at


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