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Harold Jaffe – Goosestep – Pushcart Prize Announcement

"Goosestep," the title piece from Harold Jaffe's new JEF collection Goosestep: Fictions and Docufictions has been selected for a Pushcart Prize! You'll be able to see it in the Pushcart Prize anthology coming this November, or you can see it in his book! Available now! 

Karl E. Jirgens, in the Canadian Literature Review praises Harold Jaffe’s Goosestep as “hard-wired, satiric, fragmented, and elliptic. It embraces the pornographic, while skewering social strife, and re-imagining writers’ roles in a schizophrenic world. . . . Jaffe re-considers drugs, booze, morphine, electroshock, melancholy, organ failure and what remains of the writer faced with the difference between ‘anguish’ and ‘sacred anguish’ within a dissolute socio-cultural wilderness lying beyond good or evil, where you never get ‘something for nothing.’”

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