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Hi, everyone,

Eckhard here.  I wanted to thank everyone who participated in last year’s Kenneth Patchen Award competition.  I was amazed at the quality of manuscripts we received, and, in another year, I could easily have seen several of them as winners. We are very proud to have selected Genelle Chaconas’s book Plague City, and I am sure you will see how wonderful it is when it comes out.  Normally I send an announcement to every one who participated and thank each participant personally, but something tragic has happened. Within days of announcing here Genelle Chaconas’s selection, the external hard drive to my computer crashed, and that contained, unfortunately, the list I had been compiling of all the email addresses of everyone who submitted this year, and, foolishly, I had no back-up for that file. So, short of going through all your emailed submissions all over again to cull your email addresses, I was unable to send that announcement. So please accept my apology. I take this contest very seriously, and it is part of my effort to help keep the spirit of innovative fiction alive and well.

We hope to be publishing the 2018 winner, Patrick Keller’s Those Brave as the Skate Is, within the next couple of months. We are wrestling with some formatting issues, which is not uncommon in innovative work, but hope to have everything in order soon. So stay tuned! More wonderful work is on its way!

Our next title, Denis Emorine’s Death at Half Mast, is almost ready for launch, and I think you will really enjoy this book. It has been translated from the French with great attention to detail by Flavia Cosma with input and oversight by Denis and Michael Todd Steffen and help in American idiom and punctuation by yours truly.

Please take a look at some of our most recent titles as well.  Yuriy Tarnawsky’s The Iguanas of Heat and Warm Arctic Nights, Harold Jaffe’s  Porn-anti-Porn, James R. Hugunin’s Finding Mememo, Jim Meirose’s Understanding Franklin Thompson, R.M. Strauss’s The Skrat Prize Memorial Anthology, Grace Murray’s Black Scat Books: A Bibliography 2012-2018and Jeffrey R. DiLeo and Warren Motte’s Experimental Literature: A Collection of Statementare all worthy of your attention!

Thanks for being here!

Eckhard Gerdes

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